Backseat Lovers When We Were Friends Pink Vinyl Record

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Limited Edition Translucent Pink Vinyl - A Record Stop Exclusive!

The Backseat Lovers is a young, four-piece indie rock band from Salt Lake City. Their debut album, When We Were Friends, released in 2019, consists of nine incredible songs. It includes the perfect ratio of high-energy songs and slower-paced ballads. Joshua’s strong, raspy voice is full of emotion and captures the audience’s attention. ~ Maddy Lehr - KTSW 89.9 review.

Initially released January 27, 2019, this record is a re-release from the band's debut album. Includes the hit single "Kilby Girl" - Get this album on exclusive Translucent Pink Vinyl only from Record Stop! (Retail Only)

1. Watch Your Mouth
2. Pool House
3. Intuition
4. Kilby Girl
5. Dugout
6. Davy Crochet
7. Maple Syrup
8. Olivia
9. Sinking Ship

Written by Joshua Harmon, Juice Welch, Jonas Swanson, and Ethan Christensen.

  • Format: Vinyl Record
  • Released: 01/20/2023


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Sophomore album from the Utah-based Backseat Lovers - Waiting to Spill. Released October 2022 in limited edition clear vinyl, an Indie Exclusive. Get it at Record Stop! GTIN 602448394415.

1 Silhouette
2 Close Your Eyes
3 Morning in the Aves
4 Growing/Dying
5 Words I Used
6 Snowbank Blues
7 Follow the Sound
8 Slowing Down
9 Know Your Name
10 Viciously Lonely