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John Coltrane | Giant Steps [Import] | Vinyl

John Coltrane | Giant Steps [Import] | Vinyl

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In 1960, the hugely innovative Coltrane was taking some giant steps of his own - this was the first recording of an entirely Trane-penned set and it achieved the stunning emotional intensity for which his live work was renowned. Warner Jazz. 2005.

1 Giant Steps
2 Cousin Mary
3 Countdown
4 Spiral
5 Syeeda's Song Flute
6 Naima
7 Mr. P.C
8 Giant Steps [Alternate Version 1] [Alternate Take][Version]
9 Naima [Alternate Version 1] [Alternate Take][Version]
10 Cousin Mary [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]
11 Countdown [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]
12 Syeeda's Song Flute [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]
13 Giant Steps [Alternate Version 2] [Version]
14 Naima [Alternate Version 2] [Version]
15 Giant Steps [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop