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Jonathan Hay | Follow The Leader: Re-imagined As Jazz.. | Vinyl


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Vinyl LP pressing. Re-imagined instrumentals of the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed Follow the Leader album from Eric B. & Rakim. Endorsed and fully supported by Eric B. & Rakim. Jonathan Hay, Benny Reid, and Mike Smith had numerous discussions on how to respectfully, faithfully, and creatively re-imagine Eric B. & Rakim's classic 1988 album, Follow the Leader. The difficulty was twofold. One, Follow the Leader is a revered and iconic hip-hop album and had to reflect it's adoration. Two, how can it be translated to a jazz style, especially omitting the centerpiece, Rakim's voice? Reid (lead instrumentalist - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, bari saxophone, flute) and Hay's (producer) initial strategy of replaying Rakim's extended, rhythmically intricate rap verses organically morphed into a more improvised, classic jazz style. The emcee vocal style and flow along with Eric B.'s through-composed instrumentals, served as a model for Hay, Reid, Smith and musician Mani Ajami to draw inspiration.

1 Follow the Leader
2 Microphone Fiend
3 Lyrics of Fury
4 Eric B. Never Scared
5 Just a Beat
6 Put Your Hands Together
7 For the Listeners
8 No Competition
9 The R
10 Musical Massacre
11 Beats for the Listeners

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Released: 01/17/2020