A Philly Special Christmas Special - the Record Stop Connection

A Philly Special Christmas Special - the Record Stop Connection

Eric Nail

PRE-ORDER BEGINS 11/3 HERE: https://phillyspecialchristmas.com/

Record Stop is once again very proud to be helping bring joy to vinyl fans and music lovers this holiday season. Record Stop - along with our in-house vinyl production team MonostereoVinyl.com - is again collaborating with "A Philly Special Christmas" (phillyspecialchristmas.com) to produce the vinyl version of the second album release from the band affectionately called "The Philly Specials" - Eagles' linemen Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata. Last year's release raised over $1M dollars for local Philadelphia charities.

"This year promises to be even bigger," according to Mike Gomez, Chief of Operations at Record Stop / Monostereovinyl. "For 2023, not only are there all new songs, they've add both more singers and more offerings - ways to help raise more money for charity. This time around, we had the ability to come up with some new ideas. In addition to a single LP with the new songs, there's a 'deluxe' 2LP version on gold vinyl with both the 2022 and 2023 albums in a beautiful gate-fold package, with an incredible illustration by Hannah Westerman on the inside. That image is also available on a 500-piece puzzle, which goes out with a 7-inch, double A side record of a song Jason Kelce wrote and performed called 'Santa's Night.'"

"The big release," continued Gomez, "is what's being called 'The Deluxe Bundle,' consisting of the double LP, puzzle and 7 inch. That was a lot of work and effort on our part, but is going to be completely worth it."

When asked about the sales - and subsequent charitable amount which might be raised - for this year, he said: "Pre-orders will go live on November 3rd and will continue while supplies last. We learned from last year... and had enough time to get more items into production, so yes - we hope this year raises much more money this go around. It's a lot more work on our part, as we are the manufacturer and fulfillment partner, but is completely worth it. We're excited to be a part of this incredible project again this year!"

There is also a lot of excitement for the new material from fans. A website set up for the expanded offerings has garnered tens of thousands of sign-ups for emails about the release.

In addition to the products, there is more media planned for this year. An animated special will release on December 1st. Per Connor Barwin - Executive Producer (via Vera Y) & ex-Eagle Linebacker: "Christmas is this time where everybody remembers claymations, and The Muppet Show, and all these Christmas shows — and they’re usually cartoons,” Barwin said. “So let’s make a Christmas special. And let’s set it in Philadelphia." (Source: https://billypenn.com/2023/10/29/track-by-track-review-of-the-new-eagles-christmas-album-which-should-have-enough-vinyl-for-everyone/)

 That's where the "Christmas Special" comes in. The Philly team will release an animated short each week, with the full "Special" premiering 12/1. Watch a portion of Dominick the Donkey here:



Media Resources

We have compiled a list of articles for fans to get more information about the project and how the 2023 version(s) came together. Although not a complete list, we offer that to readers here:

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Jordan Mailata shares sneak peek of Eagles' new holiday album 'A Philly Special Christmas Special' (6ABC Philadelphia) - https://youtu.be/AEZtT-_Zq5s?feature=shared


Hear the Music

The Philly Specials on Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/4JPJvxDtfBlQAiNm8dd7vX

The Philly Specials on Apple Music - https://music.apple.com/us/artist/the-philly-specials/1712765848

The Philly Specials on Amazon Music - https://music.amazon.com/albums/B0BL3WQRJW?refMarker=dm_wcp_af_r&ref=dm_sh_mDlNx4jTHPix3Y4fbczBPP2Ox


See the Animated Video Specials

Dominick the Donkey - Jason Kelce - on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/p/Cy3mdBPrR2d/



Instagram - @aphillychristmasspecial

TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@aphillyspecialchristmas

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@aphillyspecialchristmas



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