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Babes in Toyland | Fontanelle [Import] | CD


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Babes in Toyland is part of the Riot Girl scene that came out of the Alternative Rock and Grunge era of the early 90's, the group consists entirely of girls. Girls that rock! They were getting some airplay on MTV with the song "Bruise Violet" which appeared in Beavis and Butthead at one point. What we have is a thick slab of beefed-up riffs dripping with grungy goodness in the saucy guitar tones and some awesome snarling, aggressi singing from lead singer Kat Bjelland. The best thing about "Fontanelle" is the use of simple songwriting to create effective music. The overall tone of the album is pretty cool; it's some good grunge music with a female touch.
1 Bruise Violet
2 Right Now
3 Bluebell
4 Handsome & Gretel
5 Blood
6 Magick Flute
7 Won't Tell
8 Quiet Room
9 Spun
10 Short Song
11 Jungle Train
12 Pearl
13 Realeyes
14 Mother
15 Gone

  • Format: CD
  • Released: 07/05/2024