Evan Westfall

Evan Westfall | Scioto Surf Club Vol. 2 | Vinyl


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Barcode: 750958012753

As a founding member of the folk band Caamp, Evan Westfall has toured all over North America and Europe. He’s leveraged his platform back home to provide valuable support for a growing roster of Midwest indie musicians.

While he continues to grow and explore new territory as a songwriter, he remains humble and excited to create original music and help up-and-coming artists navigate the growing scene in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2020, Westfall partnered with Ali Bell to create Super Sport Records. The label serves as a platform for his music as a solo artist. Westfall's second full-length album, Scioto Surf Club Vol. 2, is out now. Inspired by working at an auto body shop in South Florida last winter, it combines breezy Atlantic Ocean grooves with Midwest guitar twang. The album was recorded with Jon Fintel at Relay Recording in Columbus.

Westfall is an accomplished musician and producer. He is a multi-instrumentalist with a knack for writing melodies. His growing catalog of (mostly) instrumental songs ranges from searing surf-rock to slow, piano-driven ballads.



  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 6/25/2024