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Country Joe & The Fi | I-FEEL-LIKE-I'M-(LP) | Vinyl

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Country Joe & The Fish: Country Joe McDonald, Barry Melton, David Cohen, Bruce Barthol, Chicken Hirsh.Country Joe McDonald and his cohorts were the quintessential 1960s band. On this, their milestone, they combine homegrown folkie roots with good-natured irreverence, a dose of head music, and plenty of old-fashioned rock & roll. Infamous for the light-hearted ribaldry of "The Fish Cheer," the group was capable of much more. McDonald eventually went on to a fertile solo career, but Country Joe & The Fish were an inspired, eclectic group whose music, best represented on this seminal album, remains one of the most underrated legacies of the era.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop
  • Released: 2/02/2018
  • Released: 02/02/2018