Easy Honey

Easy Honey | Cupidity Unlimited | Vinyl

140 Gram Cupid's Arrow Pink Vinyl, Gatefold Jacket


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Barcode: 750958012647

Side A
A1. down to Earth
A2. anything but you
A3. homesick.
A4. everything about her
A5. tell me, tell me
A6. Wild West Anderson
A7. fair enough

Side B
B1. Love me Lily
B2. wetakeourtime
B3. Mystical
B4. Grass Getting Greener
B5. not dead, not gone
B6. right in myself
Cupidity Unlimited is sort-of a concept album that takes place in a log cabin on the beach. The album reveals the purpose of windmills, the difference between karmic fusion and fission, & looks at the likeness of roosters and supernovas, (but also their differences…) all while crafting that dream you had in an airport terminal, only to be awaken by the buzz of the neon light. It also answer’s Darius Rucker’s question of what is “Time”? & would Wes Anderson serve the Oregon Trail.