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Sinatra,Frank | Sings For Only The Lonely (1 Bonus Track) (180G/Premium Vinyl/Dmm Master) | Vinyl


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Personnel includes: Frank Sinatra (vocals); Nelson Riddle (conductor).
Recorded from May to September 1958. Includes original liner notes by Sammy Cahn and James Van Heusen with additional notes by Pete Welding.
All tracks have been digitally remastered using 20-bit technology.
For an artist of Sinatra's stature, an artistic peak is a thing of no uncertain majesty. Such a peak was reached on ONLY THE LONELY, with the invaluable assistant of arranger Nelson Riddle. Foreshadowed by the glorious sob-fest of IN THE WEE SMALL HOURS, this album is a case of serendipity, where songs, arrangement and performance all combine for an unrelenting dose of heartbreak.
The ominous, film-noirish flatted-fifths of "Angel Eyes" set the scene for a cuckold's tale, which ends with Sinatra's evanescently graceful bow-out, "'Scuse me while I disappear." The timeless "One For My Baby," one of the songs most closely identified with Sinatra, finds him pouring his troubles out to a bartender, who simultaneously pours out the much-needed antidote to the singer's pain. ONLY THE LONELY is a devastating, perfectly rendered account of a man unable to escape the cage of his own shattered dreams .

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  • Released: 5/4/2018
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