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Gin Blossoms | NEW MISERABLE EX(LP) | Vinyl

Gin Blossoms | NEW MISERABLE EX(LP) | Vinyl

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Gin Blossoms: Robin Wilson (vocals); Jesse Valenzuela (guitar, mandolin, background vocals); Scott Johnson (guitar, background vocals); Bill Leen (bass); Phillip Rhodes (drums).

Additional personnel: Doug Hopkins (guitar); Robbie Turner (pedal steel guitar); C.J. Chenier (accordion); Robert Becker (piano).
Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennesee.
This deluxe edition includes the complete album on disc one along with a second disc featuring various EP tracks, live versions, and outtakes not included on the original release.
Gin Blossoms: Robin Wilson (vocals, acoustic guitar); Jesse Valenzuela (acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, background vocals); Doug Hopkins, Scott Johnson (guitar); Bill Leen (bass); Phillip Rhodes (drums, percussion).
Additional personnel: Robbie Turner (pedal steel); C.J. Chenler (accordion);
Robert Becker (piano).
Producers: Gin Blossoms, John Hampton.
Compilation producers: Mike Ragogna, Rich Hopkins.
All tracks have been digitally remastered.
This album stands as a sad memorial to Doug Hopkins' ability to craft winning songs out of the abject misery of his own life. Hopkins had been thrown out of the band he formed before NEW MISERABLE EXPERIENCE was released, and by the time "Hey Jealousy" and "Found About You", two of his most engaging and self-deprecatory songs, had broken the band in America, he had taken his own life in a fit of depression. The album is not entirely about Hopkins (Jesse Valenzuela's "Mrs Rita" and Robin Wilson's "Allison Road" are also strong contenders), but it is his songs that remain longest in the memory.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
  • Genre: Pop
  • Released: 3/24/2017
  • Released: 03/24/2017