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INXS: Kirk Pengilly (vocals, guitar, saxophone); Jon Farriss (vocals, drums, percussion); Michael Hutchence (vocals); Andrew Farriss (guitar, keyboards); Tim Farriss (guitar, bass); Garry Gary Beers (bass).
After the streamlined dance-rock of their US/UK debut SHABOOH SHOOBAH, INXS took an unexpected left turn into murkier waters with 1984's THE SWING. Although the album contains a couple of hints of the massively successful albums to follow--the jerky "I Send a Message" is basically a blueprint for smoother hits like "What You Need" and "Need You Tonight"--most of THE SWING is arty and sometimes impenetrable. The swirling, nearly psychedelic "Johnson's Aeroplane," as melodic as it is, ranks among the oddest tracks the Australian sextet ever cut, and the atmospheric finale "All the Voices" comes close behind. The mild quirkiness works more often than not, and at times, it suggests directions that might have been more fruitfully explored. The Bryan Ferryish "Burn For You" is a complete delight, and the Nile Rodgers-produced "The Original Sin" is a much more satisfying rock-funk fusion than Duran Duran's contemporary Rodgers collaboration, "The Reflex."

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Released: 11/24/2017