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On their defiant third LP, You Can't Stay Here, Long Island punks Iron Chic grapple with the sudden death of their good friend and former guitarist Rob McAllister. Since forming in 2008, Iron Chic have been known for their playful spirit and good-time vibes, celebrating the communal nature of punk through hearty, massive-riffed singalongs that inspire fists and drinks to be raised. The poignancy of their grief, meshed with the inevitable maturing that comes from nearly a decade of making music together, results in a different though not unwelcome tone. The pumped-up choruses, lively tempos, and wall of distorted guitars all remain, though the tunes are imbued with a sense of loss that, fortunately for the band, seems to have inspired a healthy dose of carpe diem. If anything, You Can't Stay Here is even heavier and more boisterous than its predecessor, 2013's The Constant One, playing on themes of mortality, anxiety, and, ultimately, perseverance. It's also their debut release for West Coast punk titans SideOneDummy Records, which signed the band right around the time of McAllister's passing in early 2016. With the pressure of fulfilling their biggest contract yet, Iron Chic ably rose to the challenge, summoning up a rousing tribute and weathering a career transformation in the process. ~ Timothy Monger

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
  • Genre: Pop
  • Released: 10/13/2017