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Joe Satriani | Is There Love In Space | Vinyl

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Personnel: Joe Satriani (vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards); Matt Bissonette (bass); ZZ Satriani (bowed bass); Jeff Campitelli (drums, percussion); John Cuniberti (tambourine); Mike Manning.
Recorded at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, California.
Throughout his career, Joe Satriani has managed that rare trick of inspiring worship by guitar acolytes everywhere, while still managing a modicum of crossover appeal to music fans less interested in the technical aspects of his work. His ninth album, IS THERE LOVE IN SPACE?, continues down that same path of serving both the instrumental aficionado and the casual fan. Working with bassist Matt Bissonette and drummer Jeff Campitelli, Satriani quickly switches stylistic gears, flip-flopping between an uber-funky, wah-wah riff and his standard high-flying soloing on "The Souls of Distortion" or running through the brash, drop-tuned menace of "Hands in the Air." Satch's also conjures up "I Like the Rain," a Lone Star boogie that combines a sampled motorcycle engine and a fuzz-tone vocal, and sees him coming off like ZZ Top. Likewise, this Long Island native's eccentric musical whims will have Lenny Kravitz fans doing a double take upon hearing the Lenny-like vocals and chugging swagger of "Lifestyle." Satriani even recruits his young son to contribute bowed electric bass on the atmospheric closer "Bamboo."

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
  • Released: 01/19/2018
  • Released: 01/19/18