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Misfits | Famous Monsters -Hq- | Vinyl

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The Misfits: Michael Graves (vocals); Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (guitar); Jerry Only (bass); Dr. Chud (drums).
Who on earth could have imagined that without founding father and vocalist Glenn Danzig, the Misfits could come back almost 20 years after their breakup with not one, but two killer albums? As difficult as it is to believe, FAMOUS MONSTERS proves that the Misfits reunion was no fluke. No musical ground is broken, but with the Misfits, the same old horror show seems to fit like a comfortable iron gauntlet.
Familiar themes dominate the album: horror movies such as "Crawling Eye," "Pumpkin Head," "Them," (even "Lost in Space" gets a song); and preoccupations such as death, destruction, and disembowelment. But instead of feeling like a rehash, FAMOUS MONSTERS simply crackles with ghoulish fun. Michael Graves may be no Danzig, but when was the last time Glenn Danzig sang a song as refreshing as "Dust to Dust" or "The Forbidden Zone?"
Producer Daniel Rey (who co-wrote many of the songs) mixes the songs sympathetically, keeping Doyle's guitar from overwhelming the trademark vocals. Somehow or other, the Misfits are back, and apparently to stay.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
  • Released: 8/23/2018