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Onyx | Lost Treasures [Explicit Content] (Gold Vinyl) | Vinyl


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A very special collection of rare and unreleased tracks from hip hop legends Onyx!

Includes the protest song "I Can't Breathe" which features actor Samuel L. Jackson that made national headlines in 2014! Special guests include R&B icon Bobby Brown plus rap stars Talib Kweli, Layzie Bone, KRS-One and many more! Available on both digipak CD and in limited edition GOLD vinyl!

1 Onyx Feat. Makem Pay - Black Hoodie Rap
2 Sticky Fingaz Feat. Bobby Brown - Boy Still Got It
3 Fredro Starr Feat. Drag-On - Face Off
4 Sticky Fingaz Feat. Mad Lion, Begetz - Gangsta Buster
5 Fredro Starr Feat. Layzie Bone - Going in for the Kill
6 Sticky Fingaz Feat. Samuel L. Jackson, Krs-One, Mad Lion, Talib Kweli, Brother Jay - I Can't Breathe
7 Fredro Starr Feat. Layzie Bone - Celebrate
8 Sticky Fingaz Feat. Big Pay Bacc, Budda - Think U Iller Than Me
9 Fredro Starr - Outer Space
10 Sticky Fingaz - SF MF
11 Onyx - Never Going Back
12 Onyx - Born 2 Rock

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop
  • Released: 02/07/2020
  • Released: 02/7/2020