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Our Lady Peace | Clumsy | Vinyl

Our Lady Peace | Clumsy | Vinyl

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Our Lady Peace: Raine Maida (vocals); Mike Turner (guitar); Duncan Coutts (bass); Jeremy Taggart (drums).
Recorded at Arnyard Studios, Toronto, Canada.
Report on the security of US borders. Dateline: January 23, 1998:
Like the proverbial Alberta clipper blowing out of the Great White North, Our Lady Peace took American radio by storm in 1997. Our defenses were caught off guard as reconnaissance thought that the biggest threat to the twin pillars of American grunge, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, would be coming from England, not our friends to the north. Is it just a coincidence that Soundgarden announced their breakup around the time "Superman's Dead" started hitting the radio waves? And has anyone actually seen Kim Thayil since he went on "sabbatical?" While definitive proof of these allegations has yet to be offered, Our Lady Peace are reportedly gathering resources in Canada for their next attack on our borders in the form of critical praise and platinum records. It's enough to make you speculate about the "real" reason for Scott Weiland's split with Stone Temple Pilots...

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop
  • Released: 05/11/18