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Rush | Grace Under Pressure | Vinyl

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Rush: Geddy Lee (vocals, synthesizer, bass); Alex Lifeson (guitar); Neil Peart (drums, percussion).
Recorded at Le Studio, Quebec, Canada between November 1983 and March 1984.
After an extensive search for a producer, Rush struck gold with Peter Henderson. The band shared production duties with him, and completed the album within a few months. The continuous use of synthesizers and keyboards that began on the previous album, SIGNALS, is prominent here. Although Alex Lifeson's guitar always plays a key role, it's obvious the group could not shy away from the advancing technology in rock music in 1984.
The first single, "Distant Early Warning" is an excellent track that exudes a bleakness persistent throughout the record. "Afterimage" continues this dark outlook; the song is about a close friend of the band who dies in a car accident. "The Enemy Within" shows that fear is within us as opposed to being created externally and features the usual technical proficiency of drummer Neal Peart. Album closer "Between The Wheels" is a gloomy number about pressure and showcases Alex Lifeson's creative chord work. Underneath all the dark content in GRACE, there is a theme of hope. The band was considering breaking up at this point, and luckily didn't. The record features the trio's consistently tight musicianship and the keyboards enhance the songs instead of overshadowing them. Another fine record by the Canadian maestros.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
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  • Released: 1/08/2016
  • Released: 01/08/2016