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Released in 1981, Show Time was the last album that Steve Arrington recorded with Slave. The singer/drummer had been a valuable part of the Dayton funk combo, providing lead vocals on such hits as "Watching You" and "Just a Touch of Love." So you can say that Show Time (which was produced by Jimmy Douglass) was the end of an era for Slave. Creatively, the band was on quite a roll during its Arrington era, and those who had savored 1979's Just a Touch of Love and 1980's Stone Jam found this LP to be equally strong. From "Smokin'" and "Funken Town" to the single "Snap Shot," Show Time proved to be a consistently rewarding addition to Slave's catalog. All of the tracks are immediately recognizable as Slave offerings; during its Arrington period, Slave favored a very distinctive style of funk that was sleek and gritty at the same time. And even though Arrington wasn't an original member -- he didn't start recording with the band until its third album, The Concept -- he was a main ingredient of the Slave sound from 1978-1981. Show Time is recommended to funk addicts without hesitation. ~ Alex Henderson

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
  • Genre: Funk / Soul
  • Released: 6/22/2015
  • Released: 06/22/2015