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Soda Stereo | SUENO STEREO | Vinyl


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Soda Stereo: Gustavo Cerati (vocals, guitar, fretless bass, Fender Rhodes, samples, synthesizer, programming, percussion, sound effects); Zeta Bosio (bass, samples, synthesizer, programming, percussion); Charly Alberti (drums, percussion).
Additional personnel: Janos Morel, Mauricio Alves (violin); Alejandro Teran (viola); Pablo Flumetti (cello); Flavio Etcheto (trumpet); Roy Malaga (Fender Rhodes).
Engineers include: Clive Goddard, Laura Fonzo, Carlos Piris.
Principally recorded at Supersonico, Argentina and Matrix, United Kingdom.
After a decade of recording music on Sonydiscos, the now-seminal Soda defected back to BMG and made a record unlike anything else up to that point in its discography. Whereas the group's initial sound was bright-eyed, restless pop that looked outward to the new wave for inspiration, SUENO STEREO is the sound of a band with years of songwriting and touring success that made the group strong enough to look inward for its creativity. It easily stands out as Soda Stereo's most mellow, slow-tempo production. Gustavo Cerati's slow, earthy guitar-based approach to the production melds beautifully with ethereal expanses of melodic electronica, strings, and organs.
"Ella Uso Mi Cabeza Como Un Revolver" is entrancing if a bit morose, with punchy chords, creeping arcs of cello and violin and a reverb-heavy Cerati singing vivid images of the emptiness of being used. "Disco Eterno" recalls the deliberate, slower riff-rock of Pink Floyd's DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. Lulling, simple bass lines and robotic, spacey programming melt together with angular acoustic guitar voicings and streaks of electric echo-guitar. "Zoom" brings in harmonica and uplifting, multiple layers of overdubbed slide guitar to present lyrical images of strange camera work. An outstanding piece of Argentine rock.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
  • Released: 11/04/2016