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U-roy | True Born African | Vinyl


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Personnel: U Roy (vocals); Steel (keyboards, bass, background vocals); Jeffery Beckford (keyboards); Preacher, Leroy Mafia (bass); Robotiks (drums); Patrick Augustus (steel drums, percussion); The Wild Bunch, Madam X, Sandra Cross, Kofi, Slim Linton, Fenton Smith, Sister Audrey, The Ariwa Showcase (background vocals).
Recorded at Ariwa Studios, London, England.
Thanks to the ever-increasing and loyal fan base that reggae music has attracted over the years, artists can achieve a longevity that very few practitioners of other musical genres ever experience. Such is the case with U-Roy, a crucial figure in reggae music. Respected U.S. reggae label RAS has brought forth this killer set produced by the "Scratch" Perry of late-20th century reggae, Mad Professor. For hardcore reggae and dub fans, the equation is a simple one: Mad Professor plus U-Roy equals perfection.
At the time of this collection's release, U-Roy had been at it for more than 20 years, and his talent had arguably gotten more refined as he had aged. Unlike the dozens of '70s tunes that feature seemingly haphazard and rambling chatter synchronized to the rhythm, U-Roy entered the '90s with more structure and an overwhelmingly positive message. "Ghetto Youth" brings together a shining U-Roy with Professor behind the boards, pushing the track along with force. "False Prophecy" is a gem that reaffirms the Rastafari beliefs that have fueled his music and message since the beginning. Never one to fade away, U-Roy demonstrates that he can still run with the best and come out leader of the pack.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Reggae
  • Released: 01/26/2018