The Backseat Lovers When We Were Friends Record Stop Exclusive

The Backseat Lovers' Debut Album 'When We Were Friends' Re-Issue - Record Stop Exclusive

Mike Gomez

Limited Edition Translucent Pink Vinyl - Record Stop Exclusive!

The Backseat Lovers, a four-piece indie rock band from Utah, has re-released their debut album, When We Were Friends, with Record Stop / Monostereo Vinyl - a Charleston-based record store and one-stop music production company.

Originally released in 2019, this album consists of nine high-energy, alternative rock songs - all written by Joshua Harmon, Juice Welch, Jonas Swanson, and Ethan Christensen of the band.

This record has been released in two color variants - coke-bottle-green (sold at the band's website) and translucent pink vinyl - only available at Record Stop! Includes the hit single "Kilby Girl" & more rhythmically-crafted tunes. The track listing is as follows:

1. Watch Your Mouth
2. Pool House
3. Intuition
4. Kilby Girl
5. Dugout
6. Davy Crochet
7. Maple Syrup
8. Olivia
9. Sinking Ship

The Backseat Lovers When We Were Friends Translucent Pink Vinyl from Record Stop

Get this album on exclusive Translucent Pink Vinyl only from Record Stop! (Retail Only). You can find it at our local stores in Charleston, SC & Patchogue (Long Island) NY - or purchase here:

Check out the official Kilby Girl video here:


About Record Stop

Family-owned & operated since 1974, with shops in Patchogue/Long Island, NY (the original) and Charleston, SC (at 426 King Street), Record Stop specializes in new & used vinyl records, CDs, turntables and music accessories. Find them online at

About Monostereo Vinyl

Vinyl production by Monostereo Vinyl - a vinyl and cd manufacturing company located in Charleston, SC. They perform a variety of record label services for both signed & unsigned bands, including distribution, mastering, e-commerce and more. They are also the exclusive North American partner of Green Vinyl Records - which produces records on 100% Recyclable Non-PVC material and provides a substantial reduction in energy usage and up to 95% reduction in CO2. Visit at

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